22 Eco-Friendly Ideas for 2022

22 eco-friendly ideas for 2022

If you’re looking for some eco-friendly ideas on how to become more green in 2022, then check out our list below! Remember, small changes are better than none. We have listed some really easy actions that will help the planet, help your health and save you money which quite frankly, is amazing!

  1. Reduce your meat intake. You don’t have to become a vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian or whatever. You could just do meat-free Mondays. Your planet and your body will thank you for it!


2. Turn the lights out when you leave a room… when no one else is using it either, obviously!

3. In the winter close all your blackout curtains in the bedrooms to keep the heat in.

4. Turn your taps off to avoid wasting water


5. In the summer, keep your rooms cooler, by closing the curtains, particularly in rooms facing the sun. (there seems to be a ‘closing the curtains’ theme here!)

6. Take showers instead of baths and use a water limiter to save water.


7. Use sustainable eco-friendly personal care products such as a bamboo toothbrush.

8. Take your tea or coffee to work in a flask.

9. Make your own sandwiches and store them in a reusable tub that you can take with you to work.

10. Walk to work or take public transport. It’s less stress than rush hour traffic and looking for a parking space


11. Bulk buy dry foods so you use less single use packaging.

12. Freeze your leftovers and save for the days you cant be bothered to cook.

13. Fill that washing machine! Then air dry those clothes.

14. Don’t leave your TV or other electrical appliances on stand by (except for your fridge freezer, of course!)

15. Everyone knows they should be using reusable bags. There are bags you can attach your keys keep a bag on you not at all times (funnily enough there are onya bag).

16. If you’re a gym fanatic, don’t forget to take a reusable bottle with you.


17. Buy refurbished items if you can, they’re cheaper and help reduce waste.

18. If you need to buy something new, buy it from an eco friendly retailer

19. Buy things that will last a long time or that the retailer will take back at the end of the product’s life

20. Buy food locally – you could visit local farmers markets, refill shops and Pick Your Own (PYO) farmers for local produce.

farmers market

21. Plan your meals and never go food shopping when you’re hungry. You’ll buy more than you need and waste food.

22. If you’re eating more veggies, you can compost any peelings

Final Thoughts

That’s it, that’s our list of small changes that could make a big impact to your pocket, (waistline) and the planet. How many of these eco-friendly actions are you doing already? If you are doing all of them, well done!

You can always check your impact on the planet by calculating your carbon footprint. The carbon footprint calculators are not precise tools but they are great for working out what changes you need to make to be more eco friendly.

Becoming eco friendly is a journey – it doesn’t have to cost a lot and doesn’t require drastic changes. The key is to be more efficient with what you have. Small actions over time can create an impact.

We could have added a lot more actions to this list but 22 actions for living a greener life is enough to get started. What ideas did we miss out? Have you got your own ideas for being more eco friendly? We would love to hear them, so drop us a line in the chat below!

Header image by Arthon Meekodong